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Hydraulic CAT D11 bulldozer

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For the sound, the SERVONAUT SM3 module is (generally) used.

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Bulldozer CAT D11

The CAT D11 model is a hydraulic conversion of the Bruder plastic toy in 1/16 scale. 

The structure is the original plastic piece of a Bruder toy. The tracks are the original plastic part of a bruder toy as default. You can select metal tracks (this option includes metal sprocket wheels).

The hydraulics is made by MAGOM HRC.

The model is sold assembled, as you see in the pictures (READY TO RUN!), depending on the options selected.


  • Scale: 1/16
  • Weigth: 5.1Kg
  • Dimensions:


  • Hydraulic system in M3 for 3mm pipe.
  • 8 x Hydraulic bottles of 12 mm diameter. Blade (4), Ripper (4).
  • 4-way valve
  • Pump with Brushless motor. 18 Pressure bars. Integrated warehouse Integrated motor.


  • Operating voltage: 11.1V.
  • 1 x Brushless electronic drive for pump motor.
  • 2 x Brushed electronic drive for traction motors of the gear wheels.
  • 4 x Micro servos for the hydraulic valve.
  • Connectors for the battery.

METAL TRACKS option includes (+400 €, tax. incl.):

  • Version V3 of mounted metal chains.
  • 2 x Brass sprockets.
  • 4 x driven wheels made of brass.
LIGHTS option includes (+200 €, tax. incl.):
  • 9 x complete light supports (including the printed circuit +LED).
  • 2 x rotation lights.
  • 1 x lights module.
  • Installation.
SOUND option includes (+ 250 €, tax. incl.):
    • 1 x speaker.
    • 1 x sound module, to choose between:

           - Servonauta SM3: includes starting sounds, horn, compressed air brake (for hydraulic movements).

           - Servonaut SMB (not available for RADIOLINK station): includes starting sounds, horn, tracks transmission, gear sounds when turning the top carriage and hydraulic sounds.

  • Instalation.

Equipment NOT included:

  • Transmitter (at least 7 channels, just for movements).
  • Battery (Lipo 11.1V).
  • Charger.
  • Metal tracks are not included as default (select the option above to add this feature to your truck).
  • Sound and lights are not included as default (select the option above to add these features to your truck).

IMPORTANT: The correct operation of the models purchased without transmitter are customer's responsibilitye, since a bad setup of the transmitter can damage the model.


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