What is MAGOM HRC?

MAGOM HRC is a family company dedicated to the creation and modification of hydraulic and electric scale models. Our products are designed to be radio controlled. The design and manufacture of each element or component is carried out by our team, in a completely handcrafted way and using our specialized tools.

MAGOM HRC transits already, with more passion than ever for its work, the final stretch of its third decade in the hobby world, a long experience that our customers all over the world value.

Our history

If you have ever wondered about our history or our evolution or how we have become MAGOM HRC...? Here you will find your answer. We hope that our story is entertaining and interesting, we would even like it to be motivational, because without a doubt it has been the pursuit of a dream, of a hobby, of doing what we like and enjoying our work. It is a pleasure for us to be able to share such an interesting hobby with all our customers.

15 years dedicated to the hobby world

The beginning was triggered by the inquiry into the idea of converting a toy excavator into a radio-controlled model. Thanks to the experience gained in the hobby world in the dedicated Hobby Ocasión store for 15 years, the research and documentation was very effective and fruitful.

This search and experimentation was carried out without knowing at all the world that was hidden behind, the hobby created by this very idea, simply as a curiosity emanating from a personal concern.

As time went by, this idea was taking a greater weight in thought. Thanks to the search for information about this hobby we found the existence of forums dedicated specifically to the world of radio control construction. In these forums we began to share our progress and achievements.

Thanks to the reciprocity and feedback we received, we began to really appreciate this hobby. Perceiving the interest of others in our work, we undertook a particular way to meet these requests by implementing our inventions.

First models

It was in May 2012 when we rented premises divided into two floors, abandoning the old location of the store. On the upper floor, the store remained operational. In the basement or on the lower floor we created a small workshop dedicated to the world of RC construction with a specific department for machinery.

"Dealing with customers was in a direct and personal way, we modified the model as the customer wished."

That same year we created the first website. Little by little the name of MAGOM HRC was gaining weight, customers were added, the level of category and quality was also growing.

From conversion to creation

After two years, the hobby store was closed for good, resulting in a full dedication to radio control machines. We made the move to a rented warehouse with a bigger dimension than the basement or the store, with two floors. At first, the two floors were used differently.

The first floor was accommodated as a foyer with a diorama. The upper part became the working area. All this caused a progressive growth of our brand. At that time, we were only doing plastic toy modifications.

It was in 2015 when we designed and manufactured our first model, made entirely of metal (aluminum). The model was the 330D backhoe loader. We then designed and manufactured the 973D crawler excavator, also in aluminum. Later we completed our collection of 3 all-metal machines with the L574 wheel loader.

In October 2016 we designed our boom, which progressively gained wide acceptance. Gradually the infrastructure grew with us, improving the facilities and our products.

Broadening horizons

Thanks to the search for information in magazines, forums, rallies and social networks we learned about the existence of the fair in Dortmund, the Intermodellbau. We visited this fair with our own stand, full of enthusiasm.

The experience turned out to be a great success, which led us to attend the Faszination Modellbau. To date, whenever circumstances have permitted, we have repeated.

Where are we?

Years later, even if we expanded the rented warehouse, we did not have enough space to meet our needs and complete the production efficiently. Therefore, in 2018 we acquired a warehouse in property, where we currently reside.

After a painstaking renovation of the premises, our factory is in the best conditions to carry out production, logistics and care in the optimal conditions of quality and efficiency.


Now that you know our history maybe you would like to meet our team. In MAGOM HRC we work 11 people, a small family specialized in hydraulics, electronics, assembly, logistics, manufacturing, design and repair of RC models.

You can meet us at the Intermodellbau and Faszination Modellbau fairs or visit us in our factory. We are located in Jerez de la Frontera, in Pilar Aranda Latorre street number 17.

Once you have known us a little bit more. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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