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Kit completo de conversión - HUINA 580 (brazo MAGOM)

Complete conversion kit - HUINA 580 (MAGOM arm)

Handling and manufacturing time: 10-12 days

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components list

Base product Complete conversion kit - HUINA 580 (MAGOM arm) €450.40
Choose the station Not selected
Cylinders tube material Not selected
Cylinders painting Not selected
Rigid Bottom Hose Not selected
Rigid upper hose Not selected
Include rigid tubing for extra movement? Not selected
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Complete conversion kit for HUINA 580 (MAGOM arm)

This kit includes all the necessary parts for the conversion of the HUINA 580 model to use with the MAGOM arm specially designed for this model. Arm not included.

This product is intended for use with the arm designed by MAGOM for the HUINA 580 excavator. This product is not compatible with the original arm of the HUINA 580 excavator.

We recommend to use MAGOM HRC hydraulic oil.

Hydraulics included:

  • 1 x brushless Pump with integrated tank with silent blocks. Integrated adjustable fittings.
  • 1 x 3-way special valve M3. Integrated adjustable fittings.
  • 3 mm hose (4 m if flexible hose, 3 m if rigid hose).
  • Hydraulic oil (250 ml).
  • Loocking sleeves for 3mm hose (28 units if 3-way valve, 32 units if 4-way valve, 36 units if 4-way valve with all rigid hoses(extra movement inclusive)).
  • Spring for 3mm hose.
  • 4 x cylinder (diameter 12&15 mm with hexagon):
        - 2 x cylinders for main arm (TYPE 2 Y TYPE 3).
        - 1 x cylinder for middle arm (TYPE 4).
        - 1 x cylinder for bucket (TYPE 4).
  • 3 x 3mm hose clamps for MAGOM arm.
  • Metal support for arm bottles.
  • Round collector for 3mm hose.

Electronics included:

  • 3 x micro-servos.
  • 1 x brushless ESC.
  • 1 x brushless motor for pump.
  • 3 x brushed BS5 ESC.
  • 1 x connection PCB.

If the option 'Paint bottles' is chosen, the rest of the aluminum parts will be painted in BLACK, regardless of the color chosen for the bottles.

If the option 'Include pipe for extra movement' is chosen, a 4-way valve (instead of 3-way) and 4 micro servos (instead of 3) will be included.

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